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  • 2007 Readers Voice Awards—Best Pet Boutique
  • Readers Voice Awards—Best Pet Grooming
  • Readers Voice Awards—Best Doggie Day Care
  • Best of the Best Awards—Best Pet Supply

At The Petropolitan, they don’t call it “daycare,” they call it “play care.”

That’s one of the many traits that separate The Petropolitan from other pet service providers. And the difference is precisely why Chris Watts and his partners decided to open this downtown doggie spa. Watts saw how the others were running businesses for owners of domestic animals and thought he could do it better. And if the amount of business he gets is any indication, he was right.

The Petropolitan opened in December 2006. The owners chose the downtown location because residential building was booming, and no one else was focusing on providing pet care in the heart of Dallas’s urban jungle. The business is based on three major tenets: be honest with the customer, don’t nickel and dime clients, and treat visiting pets like family.

In case of emergencies, Watts gives his cell number to clients, like the night a customer called at 3 a.m. because he had to leave town to care for his ailing grandmother and needed someone to look after his pooch.

Watts didn’t hesitate. No surprise since Petropolitan provides nearly every pet service you can think of barring veterinary. They offer play care, extended care, dog walking, drop off and pick up, nutritional advice, bathing, and grooming. And, Watts says, if there’s something else a customer needs, all they have to do is ask.

The 4,000-square-foot space has held up to 90 dogs at a time in the Asian-decorated tailwagger’s lounge.

Watts evaluates dogs’ sizes and temperaments, which is how staffers decide who plays with whom. The playrooms—which all open to the reception area so that all can be seen and heard—have names like the Zen Pen and the Mini-Zen Pen. And then there’s the Oprah room—for the small dogs who, Watt says, “watch Oprah at 4 p.m. and bark at Dr. Phil when he says something they don’t agree with.”

–Jenny Block


 I have tried all the places in and around downtown, and this one is definitely the best. The staff members are extremely friendly and communicative, and the prices are very reasonable. I take my dog there for day care every day, and the staff drops him off at my apartment at the end of the day. He is always excited when we arrive and well-behaved (i.e. tired) when he gets home. I highly recommend The Petropolitan!    –Kent P.

 I’ve been taking my dogs to Petropolitan for about four years. Their staff is the best. They take great care of my dogs and I can tell they really care.    –Susan M.

 My puppy stays here while I'm at work, he is so happy when I pick him up and sleeps like a baby when we get home! I love this place and their amazing prices!    –Brandi L.

 I have just switched groomers and could not be happier with the team at Petropolitan. They made me and my pup feel welcome and incredibly comfortable as soon as we walked in the door. The staff are exceptional and attention to detail incredible. They were so accommodating and made our first visit stress free. Can't wait to go back!!! Retha was amazing and my puppy was as happy as can be when I picked her up. Thanks Petropolitan!!!!   

 Been to a lot of crappy groomers and my dog was never taken care of or groomed well. This place is the exact opposite. The staff there loved my dog, knew his name, his personality, and gave him the best cut he’s ever had. I think the best part about this place is that it has everything you want but at affordable and even comparable pricing. Never going anywhere else with my dog!   

 I absolutely love this place. Everyone that works there loves animals and they treat your dogs like their own pets! I've brought my poodles here for years, and I can't say enough good stuff about this place. My dogs LOVE to go there, and they come out looking and feeling like a million bucks. The people at Petropolitan are passionate about what they do and it really shows. Thank you Petropolitan!