About us

The Petropolitan was started by animal lovers who saw certain trends in the business that were counter to the actual needs of pets and their bipedal companions. We were determined to create a place where the animals come first, taking a different approach to pet care. We were the first in downtown Dallas to provide the kind of care we specialize in. We got started in 2006 and we’ve been going strong ever since!

What we did not anticipate when we started was how our families would grow. Each and every one of our clients has become part of our family. Since opening, we have found many friends. Some have crossed the rainbow bridge; some have gone through major medical issues. Other friends we’ve watched grow from puppy to adolescent, adolescent to adult. The most rewarding part of our job has always been and continues to be the animals and their families! Thanks to all who have become part of The Petropolitan family!


Chris Watts

Raised on a farm in Oklahoma, I knew I was happiest working with animals. Life happened and I got caught up in the corporate rat race. After 9/11, like many other people, I began rethinking priorities and what would make me happy in life. I entered into a well-known shop and learned how typical salons operated and saw a tremendous opportunity for change and that’s how the concept of The Petropolitan was created. Two months from leaving one job, The Petropolitan was up and running and has been my world ever since.

If I were a dog, I’d be a mixed breed: something with fun hair and some sort of tenacious terrier.

Fun Facts:
  • I was in banking before seeing the light.
  • I must set a certain number of hours aside per week to play the Xbox360.
  • I’m unnaturally too happy in the mornings.


Todd Fisher

His first name is Todd. His last name is Fisher. He loves animals and thinks he has the coolest job in town. Growing up he had 32 cats and 27 dogs, so he’s well accustomed to playing with large groups of animals.

If he were a dog, he’d be an Affenpinscher: because it’s really fun to say.